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"Rubato" is a musical term referring to expressive and rhythmic freedom within the tempo of a piece. As all beings hear and process music differently, children will develop at their own pace. At BABY RUBATO, we allow children the opportunity to experience music in an entertaining group setting, moving in their own time, in their own space.


Sixteen years of working as Music Specialist at New York City's CHELSEA DAY SCHOOL confirmed my belief that music is essential to intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual growth, and is a portal for learning and healing.  The daily joy I shared with children, ages two through six, inspired me to create my own program in which I witness how the power of music allows children to grow in other aspects of their young lives.  From bringing us together as a community, to planting the seeds for language and reading readiness, music serves as both an anchor and a springboard for early development.


Equally important is for children to share this experience with their caregiver.  Music is a community experience.  Throughout the world, GROUP singing reinforces community and gives us a basic human connection. It is a celebration of single and collective voices and enables us to feel part of a collective. These "connections" are critical to a child's social and emotional development.


Adults enjoy these sessions as well, as there are many physical benefits to singing.  The action of singing regulates breathing and releases from our brain the hormone Oxytocin, also referred to as "the cuddle (or love) hormone."  This natural chemical produces a sense of general well-being, plays a role in social bonding and is even a powerful pain reliever.  


Best of all, your child will look forward to sharing this time with you.  The songs we learn during our sessions will transition to your home life and be with you always.  Music is always with us, ready and waiting to be called upon.  To soothe a tired child, you may not always have a book or soft toy available- but you will always have a song!


I hope you will join me in my weekly 45 minute classes where we sing, move, dance and play to experience and share the joy and power of early childhood music.



Lisa Ellex

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